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Категория: МАКРОСЫ ДЛЯ World Of WarCraft | Просмотров: 5348 | Добавил: Serz | Дата: 28.11.2008 | Комментарии (1)


Raid Icon
This macro will set a raid icon on your target. this is vary usefull for tanks and raid leaders. You will only need to change
the number putting the number of the icon you want.
1 - Star
2 - Circle
3 - Diamond
4 - Triangle
5 - Moon
6 - Square
7 - Cross
8 - Skull
The code for this macro is:
/script SetRaidTargetIcon("target", 8)

Flying or running
This is a simple macro that use your flying mount when in outlands and your normal one when in azeroth =D it also show the proper icon and tooltip for the current usable mount if u use the question mark (?) icon on your macro =D now when u click with your right mouse button on this macro it will use your land mount.
The code for this macro is:
/use [flyable,nobutton:2]Green Riding Nether Ray; [noflyable]Reins of the Swift Stormsaber

This macro opens all your crafting skills on one button (cooking,first aid,alchemy,blacksmithing etc.)
left click to open primary crafting skills,right click for cooking,and shift click for first aid.
*note if you have 2 primary crafting skills both will open on left click if you do not have cooking your primary skills will open on right click.
The code for this macro is:
/cast Alchemy
/cast Engineering
/cast enchanting
/cast jewelcrafting
/cast tailoring
/cast leatherworking
/cast blacksmithing
/cast [button:2] Cooking
/cast [modifier:shift] First Aid

DeepDive Helm Swapper
I used to have outfitter which had the option to change to a swimming outfit, but I don't have it anymore so I had to come up with a macro for swapping gear depending if I was swimming or not. Just replace the Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight with your helm. Also could be used to change the belt. I believe it is the Azure Silk Belt, which give 15% swim speed. That would most likely have to be a separate macro because it wold be too long for one.
The code for this macro is:
/equip [swimming] Deepdive Helmet; Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight

Flexible Misdirect Macro
My macro will cast MD on one of the three in the following order:
1) your current target if friendly
2) your current focus if friendly
3) your pet if he is out and alive
I use this together with my targeting macro (see other post) where I typically have the main tank set as my focus. That way I will always MD onto the MT (if I've set focus). The flexibility allows me to actually target another player and cast MD on them without changing focus).
The code for this macro is:
/cast [help] Misdirection; [target=focus, help] Misdirection; [target=pet, exists] Misdirection

Announce Time Left on Polymorph
Announces target name and timeleft (in seconds) for your Polymorph spellcast on your focus target, in EMOTE. (If you want to check time left on buffs just use UnitBuff instead of UnitDebuff, but be warned, the times are still in seconds.)
The code for this macro is:
/run for i=1,40 do local n,_,_,_,_,_,t=UnitDebuff("focus",i);if (n=="Polymorph") or (n=="Polymorph: Pig") or (n=="Polymorph: Turtle") then SendChatMessage("**"..t.."** seconds left on "..UnitName("focus").."'s Polymorph!","EMOTE");end end Rogue Big hits
This is a macro i found out to where you throw like 25 knives at once.Put in the code below till it is full.
The code for this macro is:
/cast throw
/stopcasting throw
/cast throw
/stopcasting throw

Open one page of CTMail at a time
This macro is for CTMail users who are sick and tired of clicking each and every checkbox on a page in the mailbox. This
macro activates all checkboxes on the current page. If you also include the last line in the macro, it will open all selected
mail messages as well.
The code for this macro is:
/click CT_MailBoxItem1CB
/click CT_MailBoxItem2CB
/click CT_MailBoxItem3CB
/click CT_MailBoxItem4CB
/click CT_MailBoxItem5CB
/click CT_MailBoxItem6CB
/click CT_MailBoxItem7CB
/click CT_MMInboxOpenSelected

Raid combat auto target for ranged attackers
This macro is another simple macro that for those that don't know easy macroing will come in handy. Have you ever been to gruul's where you have to witch between three of the five guys running around or have to kill those dang dogs. Well this
macro is simple to be able to target anything you put in view without having to have to try and find it to click it.
The code for this macro is:
/target targetsname
Stones and summons
Stones and summons tied to modifier keys
The code for this macro is:
/cast [nomodifier] Create Firestone
/cast [modifier:lalt] Create Healthstone
/cast [modifier:lshift] Create Soulstone
/cast [modifier:lctrl] Create Spellstone
/cast [nomodifier] Summon Imp(Summon)
/cast [modifier:lalt] Summon Voidwalker(Summon)
/cast [modifier:lshift] Summon Succubus(Summon)
/cast [modifier:lctrl] Summon Felhunter(Summon)


Can be helpful if you need to change weapons in a hurry, but once again, mainly for people who are too lazy to do it by
opening bags and clicking on the items. Mods are available for this sort of thing, but I prefer macros (I'm a mod inimalist).
Obviously, you have to change it a bit. Replace the bit with the name of your 1H/2H weapon. Shift clicking on the weapon helps.
With the offhand weapon, you may need to replace /equip on the second line with /equipslot 17 (I've only tried using shields, as I am a pally and cannot dual wield). Also, the 17 may have to go after the []s.
The code for this macro is:
/equip [equipped:Two-Hand] ;
/equip [equipped:Two-Hand] ;

Trinket Victory
This will help save room on your action bar! This macro will show any trinket that you have equipped in your first trinket slot with the tooltip AND allow you to use it. For the second trinket slot simply change the slot number from 13 to 14.
**IMPORTANT** You MUST use the ? Icon for this macro to work properly!
The code for this macro is:
#showtooltipslot 13
/use 13

Shoot Any Ranged
Updated from my previous one, since Blizzard in their infinite wisdom have changed things yet again.
Shoots any ranged weapon. Including the Thrown.
Does an Emote message If there are no Ranged weapons equipped. Can change to a /Say if you want.
for Example:
/say Hey, Anyone seen my Ranged weapons? I seem to have lost them.
Or use SpeakEasyHelper for raandom messages.
The Choice, as they say, is yours. :)
The code for this macro is:
/cast [equipped:Thrown] Throw; Shoot
/stopmacro [equipped:Guns/Crossbows/Bows/Thrown/Wands]
/em looks around for the Ranged Weapons.

Flexible Targeting Macro
I use focus a lot in instances and raids to help me with various tasks. Typically I have my MT or Main Assist in focus but other times I might put focus on a specific target I know I have to chain trap. Thus this targeting macro will target, in order:
1) my focus if unfriendly
2) the target of my focus (if that target is unfriendly)
3) my pets target
The code for this macro is:
/target [target=focustarget, harm]; [target=focus, harm]; [target=pettarget, exists]

You can use this in a fight that if your potions are used up and healing can't come fast enough in a tight spot.
Make sure you use a trinket that will absorb a damage.
All the while you wont lose the last target.
For warriors i suggest using Intimidating Shout before using, since if hit, the bandage process may get canceled.
The code for this macro is:

Pulling shooting macro for all.
Pull for all classes but hunters and pallys.
Can add Exorcism if wanted and hunters take yer pick.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [equipped:Thrown] Throw
/cast [equipped:Gun/ Wand/ Bow/ Crossbow] Shoot
/cast [stance:1/3] Faerie Fire (Feral)(); [nostance] Faerie Fire

This is one button that acitvated one of the trinket if the other is on CD And then casts Stormstrike the next action will be Earth Shock. And then the sequance resets. So you will be always using one of the trinckets (if one on CD it will activate the second) And then StormStrike followed by Earth Shock to land on the SS Debuff.
The code for this macro is:
#showtooltip Stormstrike
/cast [combat] Bladefist's Breadth
/use [combat] Uniting Charm
/castsequence reset=5/alt/combat Stormstrike, Earth Shock
/cast Uniting Charmb

Trinket spell
This macro will activate your trinkets and cast a spell.
Good if you have 1 trinkets that will boost your spell/attack power.
If you only have 1 trinket remove one of the rows that say
/use trinketname
Replace "trinketname" with your trinkets name
Replace "spellname" with the name of the spell that you want to cast.
The code for this macro is:
/use trinketname
/use trinketname
/cast spellname


Change tracking
I like to fish and mine at the same time..... but hate to not get mines when I am fishing and vice versa...I am also to lazy to click on the mini map to change...Very simple but effective
The code for this macro is:
/castsequence Find Minerals, Find Fish


Rebirth from Tank
Natures Swiftness insta-casts do not work while moving (calling it a bug myself)
However this Macro casts Rebirth on left click and if you have a Focus...rebirth instantly from any form on your Focus.
Came up with this mainly from healers in Seth Halls that don't listen. Need to keep tanking and they die to blast.
This code is pretty simple. Can be modded for more specific targeting, however works fine...as long as you don't move.
All my appropriate nature spells are right click insta cast macros now.
The code for this macro is:
[b]#showtooltip Rebirth
/cast [button:2] Nature's Swiftness
/cast [target=focus]Rebirth

Ultimate druid move-it macro
Long version: If you're standing still in Outlands without holding anything, it will try to use your flying mount. If you are in Azeroth, it will use your ground mount. Holding shift or alt forces use of the ground mount. If you're swimming, you will shift to seal form. If you're in Outlands and out of combat while moving, you'll shift into flight form, in combat or in Azeroth and moving gets you travel form. Holding ctrl dismounts/unshifts. Note that the forms are not 'sticky', and using the macro again will re-shift you. Useful if you get snared, a potential waste of mana otherwise.
The code for this macro is:
/cancelform [form:1/3][form:4,nocombat,flyable][mod]
/use [flyable,nomod]item:32857;[nomod:ctrl]item:33977
/stopmacro [mod]
/cast [swimming]Aquatic Form;[flyable,nocombat]Flight Form;Travel Form

Mouse over Swipe (or anything)
Intended for mass lesser mob destruction. I find it idea when tanking an Uber mob with minions. Idea came from Stockades (find it the ideal place for testing macros).
Start attack keeps attack up even if my target dies, my rage is below 15 (can't swipe) and I am spamming the hotkey.
Enrage casts whenever it is up, and stopcasting for standard macro smoothing. I find I never DON'T want Enrage used. So I put those two lines in most of my bear attacks
Finally, the last line will swipe at your target as per normal, unless your mouse is over another legal target when activated. This way you can keep on your current target, and swipe at any trash that you either need to grab attention of, or low HP high damage trash that needs AOEd. Also have a Lacerate of near identical design. Nice for adding chunks of aggro when tanking multiples.
The code for this macro is:
#showtooltip Swipe
/cast Enrage
/cast [target=mouseover, exists, harm, nodead] Swipe; Swipe;

button for speedy movement (form changer)
I found it cumbersome to use the built in form bar for movement forms, and built a macro for this so I only need one button to do it all.
When pressed...
- in water you will change into Swim Form
- in Outland and no modifier key pressed (shift/alt/ctrl) it will change you into Flight Form (or edit it for Swift Flight
Form if you got that).
- if in Outland IN Flight Form it will not transform you into Travel Form without you using modifier key
- in Outland with modifier key pressed (shift/alt/ctrl) OR NOT in Outland it will use Travel Form.
Might be able to shorten it a bit later on, and maybe add tooltips for every contingency, but maybe later.. ;)
The code for this macro is:
#showtooltip Flight Form
/cancelform [stance:1/3/4/5],[stance:6,modifier]
/cast [swimming,nostance] Aquatic Form;[flyable,nomodifier] Flight Form; [flyable,modifier] Travel Form; [noflyable] Travel Form

Resurrection Annoucer
This macro simply tells your party and everyone around you who are you resurrecting =D macros like this make ressurecting in raid more efficient =D
(Use the question mark icon [?] so the icon keep showing the number of reagents =D)
The code for this macro is:
/cast Rebirth
Resurrecting %t
/me is resurrecting %t don't act like leeroy in the next 30mins

You cast highest rank of Pounce or Cower depending on whether you're stealth or not and it shows the coresponding tooltip for each spell.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [stealth] Pounce; [nostealth] Cower

Cast Faerie Fire or Faerie Fire (Feral) depending on stance
You cast highest rank of Faerie Fire or Faerie Fire (Feral) depending on stance. If you are in cat, bear or dire bear form it
casts Faerie fire (Feral) and if you are in human form it casts Faerie fire and it shows the coresponding tooltip for each spell. If you hold out SHIFT it will show the glowy-hand enabling you to cast it on any mob, not needing for you to select it.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [modifier:shift, target=none, stance:1/3] Faerie Fire (Feral)(); [stance:1/3] Faerie Fire (Feral)(); [modifier:shift,
target=none, nostance] Faerie Fire; [nostance] Faerie Fire

Cat-spam macro for initial attack
This macro allows you to perform the common initial attack sequence from behind a mob while prowling: Pounce, Faerie Fire, Mangle, Shred. Just keep spamming it until the mob turns around to face you.
In practice, the best you can probably hope for is to cast two Shreds before you have to switch to another button. I've added the extra Shreds mostly so it can be used a bit longer when grouped with a tank that holds aggro. Insert or remove as many Shreds as you find reasonable. Note that due to a bug in Blizzard's macro implementation, it is necessary to specify the exact rank for spell names that contain parentheses. This bug should be fixed in patch 2.2.
The code for this macro is:
/castsequence [stealth]Pounce;reset=combat Faerie Fire (Feral)(Rank 5),Mangle (Cat)(Rank 3),Shred,Shred,Shred,Shred,Shred,Shred

exsit form heal enter bear form
first line exsit form and the secund line cast rejuvenation and healing tuch before you etter back to bear form
The code for this macro is:
/cancelform [stance]
/castsequence Rejuvenation, Healing Touch, Bear Form(Shapeshift)

Druid Healing Macros
Just posting to share my Druid Healing Macros :)
If Targets is Friendly Heal,
else if Target is Harmfull Heal TargetsTarget.
else if no target Heal Self.
(Very handy macros)
The code for this macro is:
Regrowth & Rejuvenation
#showtooltip Regrowth
#show Regrowth
/castsequence [help] reset=12/target Regrowth,Rejuvenation; [target=targettarget,help] reset=12/target Regrowth,Rejuvenation; [target=player] reset=12/target Regrowth,Rejuvenation
#showtooltip Rejuvenation
#show Rejuvenation
/cast [help] Rejuvenation; [target=targettarget,help] Rejuvenation; [target=player] Rejuvenation
Healing Touch
#showtooltip Healing Touch
#show Healing Touch
/cast [help] Healing Touch; [target=targettarget,help] Healing Touch; [target=player] Healing Touch
#showtooltip Lifebloom
#show Lifebloom
/cast [help] Lifebloom; [target=targettarget,help] Lifebloom; [target=player] Lifebloom
Rejuvenation & Swiftmend
#showtooltip Swiftmend
#show Swiftmend
/castsequence [help] reset=12/target Rejuvenation,Swiftmend; [target=targettarget,help] reset=12/target Rejuvenation,Swiftmend; [target=player] reset=12/target Rejuvenation,Swiftmend


Easy Misdirection
Ever try to cast misdirection on your MT to help them get aggro back from a OP lock, only to find in your quick reflexes you cast it on a clothie or even worst, the healer? Well this macro will keep that from ever happening again, and makes casting misdirection on your MT one of the easiest things to do while trying to take down a boss in an instance. All you have to do is copy the code into a new macro and make sure your using the ? icon. Put it on your action bar and it's ready. Now all you have to do is target your MT and RIGHT-click the macro to set your MT to focus. Now all you have to do is LEFT-click the macro to cast misdirection when ever you want.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [nobutton:2,target=focus] misdirection
/focus [button:2]

Pet Revive/Mend/Call
This mod will call your pet if it is dismissed, revive if dead, and mend if the other two parameters are not needed. Simple
but useful and helps to open up some space on your action bars. I actually found part of this in the forums so I am not claiming to take credit for all of this. I have made some changes so when your pet is dead and the portrait is gone, you can still cast revive pet. Just hold down alt when clicking the macro and it will cast revive. Remember to use the ? icon when creating the macro so it can auto display the revive pet icon. By doing this you will know when you have enough mana to cast revive pet.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [modifier:alt] revive pet; [target=pet,dead] Revive Pet; [nopet] Call Pet; Mend Pet

Pet Attack W/ Modifier
This macro is a typical pet attack and hunter's mark macro that all hunter's need. This one is a little different, because it also has the option to only send pet in to attack with out casting hunter's mark. I found this handy when facing mobs that
are immune to it, like the ones I farmed tonight! :)
The code for this macro is:
/cast [nomodifier:alt] hunter's mark
/cast [modifier:alt] petattack

Blakkhoof's One Shot all
I don't know if this macro has been posted before, but I use this macro like breathing air. It will put all your attacks into
one button. Saves going back and forth through the keys. (and it free's up a few spots to boot). If you don't like the order,
just change the spell or attack. (Just change the order or spell all after ...combat)
The code for this macro is:
/castsequence reset=target/dead/combat Arcane Shot(Rank 9), Serpent Sting(Rank 10), Aimed Shot(Rank 7), Arcane Shot(Rank 9), Auto Shot, Concussive Shot, Steady Shot(Rank 1), Auto Shot

Change gun/bow & ammo
You need to change the name of your ranged weapon and ammo
The code for this macro is:
Gun and bullets:
/equip Explosive Shotgun
/equip Solid Shot
Bow and arrows:
/equip Raptor's End
/equip Razor Arrow

Pet care - Draenei Hunter Macro
Out of combat:
It will feed your pet when out of combat 0 means the first bag, goes 4 3 2 1 0.
And the first slot in your bag(upper left),
0 1 2 3
5 6 7 8
9 10 11
12 13 14
(in your original backpack)
In combat:
It will on the first keypress, put mend heal on your pet. And on second press within 15 secs it will put Gift of the Naaru on
your pet. 1st note: If you wish to override and cast Mend Pet no matter out of combat, or if timer not ready, hold alt while pressing the macro. AND if you want to use bandage on your pet, hold ctrl while pressing the macro. Make sure the bandage is in the first bag, slot 2(or edit the macro yourself).
2nd note: Make sure the keybindings are gone for CTRL (any number 0-9) if you want to use the ctrl(bandage-pet option).
Feel free to comment, give feedback or modify your own!
The code for this macro is:
/castsequence [target=pet,combat,nomodifier] reset=15 Mend Pet, Gift of the Naaru
/cast [modifier:alt] Mend Pet
/cast [nocombat,nomodifier] Feed Pet
/use [nocombat,nomodifier] 0 1
/use [target=pet,modifier:ctrl] 0 2

super hunter macro(blood elfs only)
this macro contains several attacks and one aspect
you must be at least level 28 and be a blood elf hunter to make it work
The code for this macro is:
/cast Arcane Shot(Rank 4)
/cast Serpent Sting(Rank 4)
/cast Concussive Shot
/cast Mana Tap(Racial)
/start attack
/cast Aspect of the Hawk(Rank 3)
/castsequence reset=10 hunter's mark, arcane shot, serpent sting, concussive shot

Pet Attack & Hunters's Mark
Send your pet to attack a target and cast Hunter's Mark on it. Has been my most used macro...
The code for this macro is:
/cast Hunter's Mark

Feed/Mend Pet
Feeds your pet when not in combat (with the fourth slot of your backpack) or heals it during combat.
(If you want to have him eat food no matter what bag/slot it is in, change the 0 and 4 to the name of the food.)
You can change the numbers to change the slot of your food.
Bags go from 0-4 from right to left.
4 3 2 1 0
And the slots go in order of
01 02 03 04
05 06 07 08
09 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20
[do not use the zero before single digits in the macro]
The code for this macro is:
/cast [combat] Mend Pet; [nocombat] Feed Pet
/use [nocombat] 0 4
/cast [combat] Mend Pet; [nocombat] Feed Pet
/use [nocombat] Roasted Quail

[color=#000000]Tank Misdirect

This macro is a basic macro to never misdirect to the wrong tank again. You ever been in a raid and need to misdirect in the middle of battle only to be on the wrong raid member. Well never again. I will update this later once I get the code for
targeting the tanks target. I am new to macros but this would be handy right at the end so you target their target to isdirect in dedicated raid. Otherwise it works nicely in instances where a specific target may need misdirection to get off
a healer or squishy.
The code for this macro is:
/target tanksname
/cast misdirection


Tupper's Trinket/Fireball Macro
First this activates the trinket equipped in the TOP slot, then casts fireball. if your target is friendly, then the fireball will be cast at your target's target.
If your trinket is on cooldown, then this hides the error frame and error sounds.
The code for this macro is:
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
/run SetCVar(!Sound_EnableSFX!,!0!)
/use 13
/run SetCVar(!Sound_EnableSFX!,!1!)
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()
/cast [harm] FireBall; target=targettarget,harm,exists]FireBall

Advanced Polymorph Macro
What does this macro do?
On leftclick: focusses the current target and casts polymorph on it. Reclicking during combat doesn't make you loose your
current target but re-pigs your focus.
On rightclick: if your focus has been killed it clears your focus. If there has a new target to be pigged (mostly if another mage in party/raid has been overrun by some nasty mob...) the current target is focussed and pigged.
I'd advise any mage to use some addon like PitBull/Quartz/EBB to display a handy timer right next to your focusframe to show up the remaining time on your polymorph.
(This macro can also finely be used for Paladins 'Turn undead' or Lockers 'Banish'... just change spells and displayed tooltip...)
The code for this macro is:
#Showtooltip Polymorph
/clearfocus [target=focus,dead]; clearfocus[button:2]
/focus [target=focus, noexists] target
/cast [target=focus, exists, harm] Polymorph(Rank 1: Pig)
/stopmacro [noharm]

Polymorph using focus
This will poly a target and set it as your focus. If you are in combat, you have a focus, and your focus is alive, it will
poly your focus. Otherwise it will set your current target as focus and poly that. You can shift-poly to polymorph your
target even if you are in combat and already have a focus set.
NOTE: this is set to use Polymorph: Turtle, so make sure to replace all "Polymorph(Rank 1: Turtle)" with a
different poly if you don't have a turtle
This you might want to change around:
--you can change shift to a different modifier by changing [nomodifier:shift] to whatever modifier you want
--you could get rid of the [nocombat] if you want it to keep your focus set when not in combat
Категория: МАКРОСЫ ДЛЯ World Of WarCraft | Просмотров: 6611 | Добавил: admin | Дата: 21.10.2008

#showtooltip Polymorph(Rank 1: Turtle)
/focus [nocombat] [target=focus,noexists] [target=focus,dead] [modifier:shift] [target=focus,help] target
/cast [target=focus] Polymorph(Rank 1: Turtle)

All-in-one Teleport and Portal
These will give you 2 buttons which will port or teleport a mage to any of the 5 major cities. Sub names if Horde.
ALT+Button1 = Shattrath
ALT+Button2 = Exodar
CTL+Button1 = Darnassuss
CTL+Button2 = Ironforge
Shift+Button1 - Stormwind
The code for this macro is:
/cast [modifier:alt, button:2] Teleport: Exodar
/cast [modifier:alt, button:1] Teleport: Shattrath
/cast [modifier:ctrl, button:1] Teleport: Darnassus
/cast [modifier:ctrl, button:2] Teleport: Ironforge
/cast [modifier:shift] Teleport: Stormwind
/cast [modifier:alt, button:1] Portal: Shattrath
/cast [modifier:alt, button:2] Portal: Exodar
/cast [modifier:ctrl, button:2] Portal: Ironforge
/cast [modifier:ctrl, button:1] Portal: Darnassus
/cast [modifier:shift, button:1] Portal: Stormwind

Four in One Teleport
This macro will lets you have 4 of your teleports onto one button to take up less space!
It will show up as Tele: org or Sw, hold down alt, it will change to UC or IF, hold down alt+ctrl it will change to TB or Darn, hold down alt+ctrl+shift, it will turn into silvermoon or Exodar (You must be able to teleport to these places in order
for this macro to work)
The code is for the Horde cities, If you are alliance and wish to use this, just change the names of the cities, Enjoy!
The code for this macro is:
/cast [nomodifier:Alt] Teleport: Orgrimmar
/stopmacro [nomodifier:Alt]
/cast [nomodifier:Ctrl] Teleport: Undercity
/stopmacro [nomodifier:Ctrl]
/cast [nomodifier:Shift] Teleport: Thunder bluff
/stopmacro [nomodifier:Shift]
/cast Teleport: Silvermoon


Smart Judgement/Seal
A quick macro that I wrote myself. Handy if you tend to swap between 1H and 2H weapons in a fight (usually via a weapon swap macro). Or you're just too damn lazy to have 2 macros (one for 1H, one for 2H) and keep switching them.
The code for this macro is:
/cast Judgement
/cast [equipped:Two-Hand] Seal of Command; Seal of Righteousness

Paladin Righteous Defense Taunt Macro
This is used to help paladin tanks. Righteous Defense requires that you cast it on a party member currently being attacked. With this macro it automatically targets the mobs target (your party member that is being hit), Casts Righteous Defense then re-targets the mob you were hitting making it more like a warriors taunt.
Useful to regain aggro after a threat wipe on a boss etc.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget] Righteous Defense

Simple Hammer of Justice macro
I use this macro to let my party members know I have just Stunned my mob so they can then also smack it down.
The code for this macro is:
/cast Hammer of Justice
/p %t is Stunned

Pally Heal Helper
The point of this macro is to be able to heal, resurect, purify, and bubble quickly.
It works like this: left-click the macro to cast Holy Light, left-click the macro while holding control to cast Divine Protection, left-click the macro while holding shift to cast Purify, and left-click the macro while holding alt to cast Redemption.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [nomodifier] Holy Light; [modifier:ctrl] Divine Protection; [modifier:shift] Purify; [modifier:alt] Redemption

Get annoyed hitting your Judgment button then your new seal? Here's a macro that I've found very useful.
This will automatically judge your active seal and recast a new one. I've got all but SoC macroed like this and I very rarely
don't have a seal going. The macro will also cast any of the seals even if you don't have one currently active. Great for PVP and PvE. One word of caution, watch your global cooldown. Since judgment is on a separate cooldown this will work, however if you cast something else then hit this macro it will try to judge and not recast the seal.
The code for this macro is:
/cast Judgment
/cast Seal of (Whatever)

Smart Bubble
This macro will cast Blessing of Protection if you have a friendly target and cast Divine Protection if you have no target or
hostile target.
The code for this macro is:
#showtooltip [exists, noharm] Blessing of Protection; Divine Protection
/cast [exists, noharm] Blessing of Protection; Divine Protection

Macro of Greater Blessing
Each one of them macros save bar space. you don't need to have Both the Greater and Normal Blessings on your bar... when your in a party/raid it will show up as greater blessings. but if you hold shift down and click the normal blessing is able to be casted for as long as you hold shift :-D Enjoy hope you like!
The code for this macro is:
Blessing of Light/Grater Blessing of light)
#ShowToolTip [Group][Raid] Greater Blessing of Light
/cast [Modifier:Shift] Blessing of Light
/cast [Group][Raid] Greater Blessing of Light
/stopMacro [Group][Raid]
#ShowTooLTip Blessing of Light
/cast Blessing of Light
(Blessing of Might/Grater Blessing of Might)
#ShowToolTip [Group][Raid] Greater Blessing of Might
/cast [Modifier:Shift] Blessing of Might
/cast [Group][Raid] Greater Blessing of Might
/stopMacro [Group][Raid]
#ShowTooLTip Blessing of Might
/cast Blessing of Might
(Blessing of Salvation/Grater Blessing of Salvation)
#ShowToolTip [Group][Raid] Greater Blessing of Salvation
/cast [Modifier:Shift] Blessing of Salvation
/cast [Group][Raid] Greater Blessing of Salvation
/stopMacro [Group][Raid]
#ShowTooLTip Blessing of Salvation
/cast Blessing of Salvation
(Blessing of Wisdom/Greater Blessing of Wisdom)
#ShowToolTip [Group][Raid] Greater Blessing of Wisdom
/cast [Modifier:Shift] Blessing of Wisdom
/cast [Group][Raid] Greater Blessing of Wisdom
/stopMacro [Group][Raid]
#ShowTooLTip Blessing of Wisdom
/cast Blessing of Wisdom


Ultimate Heal
This macro will give you a major boost to your healing power for about 15secs with the right trinkets and also increase your crit chance by 25% on the 1st healing allowing for some insane heals.
personally i have had a 11k crit heal using this macro.
the trinkets i use are Hibernation Crystal and Heavenly Inspiration.
this macro can also be used for damage spells as well, just change the 1st and last lines to the spell names u wanna use it
The code for this macro is:
#showtooltip Greater Heal(Rank 7)
/use 13
/use 14
/cast [target=your name here] Power Infusion
/cast Inner Focus
/cast Greater Heal(Rank 7)

One Button Renew or SW:Pain
This macro casts either Renew (friendly) or Shadow Word: Pain (hostile) on whoever is hovering under your mouse that exists and is not dead. If you're not hovering, it does either Renew (friendly) or Shadow Word: Pain (hostile) on your selected target that is not dead. If all of the above are false, you will Renew yourself.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [target=mouseover,exists,help,nodead] Renew; [target=mouseover,exists,harm,nodead] Shadow Word: Pain; [help,nodead] Renew;
[harm,nodead] Shadow Word: Pain; [target=player] Renew

Mouse Over Heal
This macro will allow you to mouseover a party member(Icon or the actual member) and heal them. Also working with single forts, etc.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [target=mouseover,exists][] Flash Heal

Shield Self without losing healing target
On one button press you can use Power Word: Shield on yourself without losing your current healing target.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [target=player]Power Word: Shield

Shadowform Cancel
With this macro you can get out of Shadowform and cast a Holy spell with one button. Press twice to use.
The code for this macro is:
/cancelaura Shadowform
/cast Spellname(Rank X)

Resurrection if able to, announce to raid if it works on target
Does not execute if you're in combat or in Shadowform. Selects resurrection for casting on next click if your target is not
friendly or not dead.
The code for this macro is:
/stopmacro [stance:1][combat]
/cast Resurrection
/stopmacro [nohelp][nodead]
/ra Resurrecting %t.

Left click Fort, Right Click Group Fort
Left click casts single Fort, Right click casts Group Fort. Works with Divine Spirit, Shadow Protection, Mark of the Wild,
Arcane Intellect, or any of the paladin blessings.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [button:2] Prayer of Fortitude; Power Word: Fortitude

Flying PvP'er
Use this macro to outsmart that Alliance that thinks he's safe on his flying mount and PVP flagged. What it does is uses your Levitate spell exactly as it normally would, but will dismount you if you're flying, unlike Levitate would do without it.
Follow this macro up with a quick Shadow Word:Pain, Devouring Plague, or other spell you can think of and with high enough spell dmg, you could earn some honor and if lucky, watch them fall to their death. Would work with Mage's Feather fall also. Simple but effective.
The code for this macro is:
#showtooltip Levitate
/cast Levitate

Improved Priest mash
this macro is just a upgrade to priest mash. its guranteed issue free. and theres no shield but you can add if you want too
The code for this macro is:
/castsequence reset=combat/target/15 Vampiric Embrace,Mind Blast,Shadow Word: Pain,Psychic Scream,Mind Flay,Mind Flay,mind blast,mind flay,shoot

Party Healing
This macro will target a party member, cast a spell and then say it in party chat.
You can change spell by typing another spell name instead of Greater Heal.
You can change the target by typing 2, 3 or 4 instead of 1, you are player and the first party member except you are 1.
The code for this macro is:
/tar party1
/cast Greater Heal
/p Healing %t! with Greater Heal


Pick Pocket YOUR MOM
This is a macro that I've found earlier in this website and was of utmost import and of the greatest utility you can ever
find. The original author I don't know about nor do I remember who he or she was, but this was very very important and
useful. To the point, ever have that problem where you always have to Sap but can't seem to find that Pick Pocket button while in a party or raid, and everyone gets on your ass for doing the Pick Pocket first or after a Sap - 'cause it somehow equates to aggro'ing a whole bunch of mobs in your direction and wiping the party out, even though it's the hunter's fault for not kiting them. Then there is the other peon excuse that if you Pick Pocket during a raid or party in a dungeon, you don't focus at all at what your sapping at (this is the utmost weakest argument I've ever heard). And then there are those long hours pick pocketing every creep you see in Blasted Lands, and somehow, you wind up aggro'ing the bastard or bastards 'cause you got sloppy and moved in to close or got in it's line of path while you pick pocketed.
Well, bitch no more!! You can now Pick Pocket when you Sap, Ambush, Cheap Shot, Back Stab, Gouge, and Garrote - all in sets of two commands, with the second being Pick Pocket always!! ;D The ultimate in the Lazy Man's [or Lazy Woman's]
robbing-you-blind method!! Plus it will earn you more money in a party or raid than if you didn't have it. (Pick Pocketing
while in a group of any kind doesn't mean that what you Pick Pocket has to be shared out to the group like when you loot a
dead creep - you keep what you steal - really)
The code for this macro is:
Code is as follows:
#showtooltip Sap
/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Sap
A similar pattern can be followed for Ambush and others:
#showtooltip Ambush
/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Ambush

There is no deviation in this convention, so you don't need to worry about bugs, unless you hybridize two distinct codes
together. The only successful hybridization of this code and another follows this path.
#showtooltip Cheap Shot
/cast Pick Pocket
/cast [stealth] Cheap Shot; Kidney Shot

Dude!! I'm almost Invincible!!
Okay, now that I got your attention here ladies an gents - we're now gonna delve into throwing together a junk power macro.I call it a "junk power macro" because you're essentially throwing together commands for certain skills that normally would not go together and others that seem half-a$$ed. And the fact that I pretty much experimented which slash commands would work in one single macro button. I found a combination. It's not perfect, but is handy when you're about to get boned by a tougher opponent NPC or trying to get the upper hand in the short run in PvP. Mind you, this guarentees you nothing short but helping you hit harder at one target, while smacking around one other, and doing it more times, while using every bit of speed and dodge you got. You'll understand when you see the code. I named mine "Holy Cock ----" for those times when I know I'm for it - namely shamons, undead priests, and warriors. Also, as a minder, this a mashable macro button, you WILL have to press this macro more than five times to get all the insane temporary buffs. Also, you can't add more than the alotted amount that I've listed, or you'll wind up missing the major skills like Blade Flurry and such. If anyone else has another combination for rogue, feel free to let me know.
The code for this macro is:
#show Cloak of Shadows
/castsequence Blade Flurry, Adrenaline Rush, Cloak of Shadows
/cast Evasion
/cast Sprint

Backstab if mainhanding a dagger, Sinister Strike otherwise
This will backstab if you have a dagger in your mainhand, or sinister strike if you have a fist weapon. This is useful for
situations such as the Flame Wreath in the Shade of Aran encounter where you have to spend prolonged periods in front of a mob unable to move behind it to backstab. Just click your fist weapon on your bar and then sin strike a few times while you wait so you don't waste energy The reason you have to do it this way is you likely have a dagger in your offhand, so the macro will just keep trying to backstab if you say [equipped:Daggers] [noequipped:Daggers] instead
Note: You'll have to change "Fist Weapon" to "Sword" or "Mace" as appropriate if you don't have a fist weapon.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [noequipped:Fist Weapon] Backstab; /cast [equipped:Fist Weapon] Sinister Strike

Trinket activation
Many favorite level 60 rogue trinkets can be used to provide 10-20 second buffs (attack power, crit rating, or haste) which
are on different 2 min cooldowns. If you have 2 of these equiped, you can activate whichever is out of cooldown with a macro like this. If the first listed item is on cooldown, the macro will use the second.
The code for this macro is:
/use Bladefist's Breadth
/use Ancient Draenei War Talisman

Blind sap
I tend to blind my sapped targets when sap breaks in instances. I made this set of macros so i did not have to switch targets to blind. this is a 2 part macro. First is focus/sap second is left click blinds focus target and right click will blind
anything i have targeted. If ya can improve pls let me know as this is my first one.
The code for this macro is:
/cast Sap(Rank 3)
/cast [button:1,target=focus]Blind ; [button:2]Blind

Dagger / Sword switching
This macro switch the weapon in your main hand. Useful if want to start with a dagger and switch to your sword after opening. Can be used to switch your main hand with your off-hand too.
The first click will re-equip a dagger if the main hand isn't a dagger, and the second click will equip a sword if the main
hand isn't a sword.
The code for this macro is:
/equipslot [equipped:Sword] 16 Dagger
/equipslot [equipped:Dagger] 16 Sword

Switch main and off hand
This macro will swap the weapons equipied in your main and off hand. Usefull to switch between sword and dagger. When you do this instantly with other ability you may even trick the global cooldown. Note that you must have the "one hand" weapons equippied, not "main hand"
The code for this macro is:
/script PickupInventoryItem(16); PickupInventoryItem(17);

This is a good macro if you want to get away from some mobs quickly.
The code for this macro is:
/cast Sprint(Rank 2)
/cast Evasion(Rank 2)

This will make one button for stunning a target. It will perform Cheap Shot if stealthed, Kidney Shot otherwise
The code for this macro is:
/cast [stealth] Cheap Shot; Kidney Shot

Mashable Stealth
Use of stance option to stealth.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [stance:0] Stealth


Nature's Swiftness Heal
Instantly Activated Nature's Swiftness and Casts the Highest Healing Wave on yourself in one button.
The code for this macro is:
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [target=YOURNAME] Healing Wave

Instant Heal (Shaman)
"Nature's Swiftness" let you cast a spell as an instant spell.
But i can't click the right two keys when i relly need it.
Whit this macro you just need to press the same key twise.
The code for this macro is:
# showtooltip
/castsequence reset=120|alt Nature's Swiftness, Healing Wave

Shaman Healing Macros
Advanced Shaman Heals :)
If Targets is Friendly Heal,
else if Target is Harmfull Heal TargetsTarget.
else if no target Heal Self.
The code for this macro is:
Earth Shield
#showtooltip Earth Shield
#show Earth Shield
/cast [help]Earth Shield; [target=targettarget,help]Earth Shield; [target=player]Earth Shield
Chain Heal
#showtooltip Chain Heal
#show Chain Heal
/cast [help]Chain Heal; [target=targettarget,help]Chain Heal
Lesser Healing Wave
#showtooltip Lesser Healing Wave
#show Lesser Healing Wave
/cast [help]Lesser Healing Wave; [target=targettarget,help]Lesser Healing Wave; [target=player]Lesser Healing Wave
Healing Wave
#showtooltip Healing Wave
#show Healing Wave
/cast [help]Healing Wave; [target=targettarget,help]Healing Wave; [target=player]Healing Wave
Nature's Swiftness
#showtooltip Nature's Swiftness
#show Nature's Swiftness
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [help]Healing Wave; [target=targettarget,help]Healing Wave; [target=player]Healing Wave


Keep X Soul Shards!
Backed by Popular demand!!!
This macro is designed to allow you to keep as many shards as you 'normally' want to keep. Granted, your bag will end up with shards in the oddest of locations, but that's a small price to pay, right? Change X to the number of how many you want to have, and remember, for some reason the quotation marks don't show up properly. They will show " instead, so you have to go in and replace these! (Can't figure out why they don't offer the ability to put them in properly!!!)
None the less, BE SURE TO EDIT X! Otherwise, it'll automatically set you at 5 shards.
The code for this macro is:
/script x=5;y=0;for b=0,4 do for c=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b) do if (string.find(GetContainerItemLink(b,c) or " ","Soul Shard")) then if (y == x) then PickupContainerItem(b,c);DeleteCursorItem();else y = y 1;end;end;end;end

Demonology Grinding
This is designed to make grinding as easy as humanly possible without using multiple targets. Basically one at a time.
Notes to keep in mind:
My setup takes improved health funnel, improved life tap, improved corruption, and a few other things. Just follow the basics though.
I have over 900 shadow damage and am using a FelGuard while grinding in this senario. I leave intercept off.
You *WILL* have to do one last keypress to turn off health funnel.
Mobs were under my level by about 3-4 levels.
The /petattack line can be left out, merely keep the pet on defensive. Down side is I normally have enough spell damage that the few ticks off of my dots generate enough aggro, my felguard has a hard time.
The code for this macro is:
/targetenemy [channeling:Health Funnel]
/stopcasting [channeling:Health Funnel]
/petattack [target=pettarget,noexists]
/castsequence Curse of Agony, Corruption, Life Tap, Drain Life, Health Funnel

Sneaky Lock Grinding v2
Same design, different twitch....
Give it a try, it should be fun. Be sure to change last piece of castsequence with the default attack your pet normally uses.
For purposes of this demonstration, the imp was used.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [target=pettarget,exists,nochanneling]
/stopmacro [target=pettarget,exists]
/castsequence Curse of Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life, Firebolt

Sneaky Lock Grinding!
Found to be more useful for drain tank, but meh. :)
This has to be exact, so if you edit it, it may not work. Also, it goes off of channeling, which can be a pain. Use this if
you don't want to alter per pet. It is set up to only cast three dots, then start drain life spamming.
Also please note that this is designed to be as mana efficient as humanly possible. You woln't be able to kill a drain life
by accidentally hitting the key.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [target=pettarget,exists,nochanneling] Drain Life
/stopcast [target=pettarget,exists]
/castsequence Curse of Agony,Corruption,Siphon Life,Drain Life
/petattack [channeling]

5 demons in 1
This macro puts all your summon demons in one button to save on space on your action bar. Just hold the modifier button or simply press the right button on your mouse to cast the summon spell for each demon.
Left click: FelGuard
Alt-click: Imp
Ctrl-click: Succubus
Shift-click: FelHunter
Right click: Voidwalker
For those of you that are not demon spec, I have included a second macro that doesn't have the FelGuard.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [nomodifier,nobutton:2] summon felguard;[modifier:alt] summon imp;[modifier:ctrl] summon succubus;[modifier:shift] summon felhunter;[button:2] voidwalker;
W/o FelGuard
/cast [nomodifier] summon voidwalker;[modifier:alt] summon imp;[modifier:ctrl] summon succubus;[modifier:shift] summon felhunter;

SoulShard Farming
This macro does something very often done:
Sinply bind it to a button, select your target, and press the button. This sends your pet to attack the target while you cast

Drain Soul.
This macro has been tested for Patch 2.3.0
For everyone who doesn't have the english version:
Simply replace "Drain Soul" in the macro with your languages' name for it.
The code for this macro is:
/cast Drain Soul

One Button Curses
Allows single button cursing for Affliction warlocks. I use Corruption, Siphon Life, and Curse of Agony most and in that
order. You can use any other combination. It's defaulted to the basic RANK 1. Adjust accordingly.
Each button press represents a spell in the sequence. The sequence resets itself if you switch targets.
The code for this macro is:
/castsequence reset=combat/target Corruption(Rank 1), Siphon Life(Rank 1), Curse of Agony(Rank 1)

4 Demons on 1 button
One button, 4 Demons. Left = Felhunter, Right = Voidwalker, Shift click = Imp, Control click = Succubus. Saves bar space.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [modifier:shift]Summon Imp(Summon); [modifier:ctrl]Summon Succubus(Summon); [button:2]Summon Voidwalker(Summon); Summon Felhunter(Summon)

Fel Domination Summon Pet
If you are demonologist and have Fel Domination it will cast it and summon the pet you want. Just change "pet you want to summon" with the name of your desired minion, for example /cast Summon Voidwalker (Summon).
The code for this macro is:
/cast Fel Domination
/cast Summon [pet you want to summon](Summon)

Imp Dark Pact / No Imp Life Tap
Dark Pact if you have an Imp out, Life Tap if you don't have an Imp out. Depending on your playstyle, this may let you get by with only 1 keybinding for both Dark Pact and Life Tap.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [pet:imp] Dark Pact; Life Tap


Battle Stance/Intervene
From Defensive Stance this macro will switch to Battle Stance if you are out of combat. If you are in combat and you have
/focus on a party/raid member you will intervene to him (e.g. useful on Murmur). If you don't have focus on a party member, or you have the CTRL button down, the macro will have you intervene your target (if in a party/raid) or else to your target's target.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [nocombat] Battle Stance; [target=focus,raid,nodead,nomodifier:ctrl] Intervene; [raid] Intervene; [target=targettarget,raid] Intervene

Puts you in Defensive Stance if you aren’t in it already, then checks to see if the target is friendly and if so casts
Intervene. If you are targeting a mob, then it targets the target (your teammate) and casts Intervene.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [nostance: 2] Defensive Stance; [help] Intervene; [target=targettarget, help] Intervene;

Charge/Thunder Clap
Leads to Charge from Battle Stance from out of combat. If in Battle Stance and combat Thunder Clap and switch to Berserker Stance with one key pressed. If in Berserker Stance you pop Berserker Rage and if in range Intercept. If you are out of combat and do not have control pressed you will switch to Battle Stance though. If you press the button again you switch to Defensive Stance. A very nice macro to spam when you start combat especially if you have talents reducing the cost of Thunder Clap. Put it on a key you access from Battle and Berserker Stance and put an Intervene macro on the same key in Defensive Stance.
The code for this macro is:
/castsequence [combat,stance:1] Thunder Clap; [combat,stance:3,nomodifier:ctrl] reset=2 Berserker Rage, Defensive Stance
/cast [nocombat,stance:1] Charge; [nocombat,nomodifier:ctrl] Battle Stance; [stance:3] Intercept; Berserker Stance

All in one charge
If you are in combat, this macro will make sure that you are in berserker stance, then cast intercept. If you are not in
combat, you will be placed into battle stance, then charge. The icon will also change to indicate which skill will be used.
Either way, if you are using a shield, you will be placed in defensive stance. Delete the last line if you don't want to be
placed in defensive stance.
The code for this macro is:
#show [combat] Intercept; Charge
/cast [stance:1/2,combat] Berserker Stance; [stance:3,combat] Intercept; [stance:2/3,nocombat] Battle Stance; [stance:1,nocombat] Charge
/cast [equipped:Shields] Defensive Stance

Shield Bash or Pummel
Will use the Shield Bash ability if you have a shield and are in the correct stance, otherwise will place you in Berserker
Stance and use Pummel. This can be combined with Spell Reflection. If you are out of range to Shield Bash or Shield Bash is on cooldown you try to use Spell Reflection with this macro. Since Spell Reflection does not work on Berserker Stance and you are clearly meeting a caster if you use it will swich from Berserker to Battle Stance if you have a shield equiped.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [stance:1/2,noequipped:Shields] Berserker Stance; [stance:1/2,equipped:Shields] Shield Bash; [stance:3] Pummel
/cast [nostance:3,equipped:Shields] Shield Bash; [stance:3] Pummel; Berserker Stance;
/cast [nostance:3,equipped:Shields] Spell Reflection
/cast [stance:3,equipped:Shields] Battle Stance

Retaliation, Shield Wall or Recklessness
One macro to make one button handle your special long cooldown moves. When using Retaliation it is often advisable to switch to defensive stance and use challenging shout.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [stance:1] Retaliation; [stance:2,equipped:Shields] Shield Wall; [stance:2,noequipped:Shields] Battle Stance; [stance:3] Recklessness
/cast [stance:1,modifier:ctrl] Defensive Stance

Heroic Strike/Charge
Activates Heroic Strike for your next Melee attack and charges the enemy. If you wish to see the icon and tooltip for
whichever is active (depending on combat status), leave the macro as is. If you wish to see one or the other, modify the
first line accordingly (for instance, #showtooltip Charge) so that you can either watch the cooldown on your charge/intercept or you can change it to have your heroic strike tooltip to show you the damage bonus.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [nocombat] Charge; [stance:3,modifier] Intercept
/cast Heroic Strike

This macro will Charge the target outside of combat, Intercept when in combat and switch to the appropriate stance to do so.
The code for this macro is:
/cast [nocombat,stance:1] Charge; [combat,nostance:3] Berserker Stance; [nocombat,nostance:1] Battle Stance; [combat,stance:3] Intercept

Main dmg skill Victory Rush
I tried to make it so, that it could always hit your main damage skill like Bloodthirst first (because you get healing from
hits with it), and then Victory Rush. But apparently it doesn't work with warrior.. So I made it more simple:
It picks randomly your main dmg skill (MS, Bloodthirst or shield slam) or Victory Rush (since it doesn't use rage)
Notice: Victory rush is only usable 20 seconds after you kill opponent, so otherwise this will just work as /Bloodthirst/shield slam button
The code for this macro is:
#showtooltip Bloodthirst
/castrandom Bloodthirst, Victory Rush
Mortal Stike:
#showtooltip Mortal Srike
/castrandom Mortal Strike, Victory Rush
Shield Slam:
#showtooltip Shield Slam
/castrandom Shield Slam, Victory Rush
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• Сменить одним нажатием клавиши оружие.

Ограничения Макросов

Ну что заинтригован? Отлично! Однако существуют некоторые ограничения. Во-первых, каждый аккаунт может иметь 18 макросов. Поэтому 18 макросов деляться на всех твоих персонажей на всех рилмах. Так что раскинь хорошенько мозгами, если у тебя много чаров. Во-вторых, каждый макрос может состоять из 255 символов. Это означает, что твой макрос не может стрельнуть из лука, дать приказ питомцу атаковать, использовать все твои способности в атаке, подежать к трупу, забрать лут, снять шкуру, затем накормить твоего питомца и самого себя, и после этого атаковать ближайшего моба, ну и т.д. И последние ограничение - макросы не ждут задержку. Макрос выполняет все команды мгновенно. Так что если ты хочешь сначала пополнить здоровье, а после этого пополнить ману, у тебя ждет неудача, т.к. у них одинаковая задержка. В остальном же ты свободен в действии.

Является ли это читерством?
Позволь мне уверить тебя, что не зависимо от того, играешь ли ты за Орду или за Альянс, не зависимо от расы, класса и профессии, макросы могут значительно увеличить твой скилл в игре. В сообщесте идет небольшая дискуссия пока на тему являются ли макросы честным превосходством. Одно я знаю наверника, использование макросов не является читерством. Каждый игрок может сделать макрос, т.к. у них есть доступ к одинаковым командам, не имеет значения даже твой уровень (level). Превосходство дается тем, кто потравив время и усилия на их создание, может теперь использовать макросы.

Твой первый маркрос
Закончив с вводной частью, перейдем к твоему первому макросу. Этот макрос не позволит тебе одним кликом завалить Ониксию, но облегчит тебе жизнь в Аукционном Доме, или, не даст скучать во время долгого путешествия на другой континент. Вообще-то, этот макрос является социальным, т.к. выполняет серию эмоций и заставляет твоего чара высказать пару фраз.

Итак начнем с того, что найди сначал кнопку Главного Меню(Main Menu) и нажми на Macros. Появится окно создания макросов, которое, в принципе, должно быть пустым, если ты не делал до этого пару экспериментов. Выглядит оно следующим образом:
Основы макросов
Т.к. мы добавляем новый макрос, то нажми на кнопку New (выделена на рисунке). После нажатия появится следующее окно:Основы макросов

Тут ты можешь назвать свой макрос и выбрать ему иконку, которая будет размещена на панеле инструментов. Как видишь, я назвал свой макрос "Dance" и выбрал иконку с лысой головой(вторая строка и второй столбец). Также эта иконка поможет не спутать еще с чем-либо еще. После того как ты назвал свой макрос и выбрал иконку, жми Okay, которая станет доступной. Пошли дальше.

Теперь нужно набрать команды, которые твой макрос должен выполнять. Вот что я напечатал:
/say Come on everybody...and ride it. Come on everybody...do the Choo Choo!

Я нажал [Enter] в конце каждой строки. Так все выглядит наглядно. Внизу окна ты можешь заметить счетчик, который считает количество символов. Запомни не больше 255 символов! После того как ты все это сделал, тебе не нужно сохранять макрос или делать с ним что-то еще - он уже готов к использованию.
Все что тебе нужно сделать это перетянуть иконку из окна макросов на твою панель инструментов. Теперь уж точно все! Нажимай Exit и добро пожаловать в игру.

После твоего возвращения в игру, нажмни на иконку макроса и ты должен начать танцевать, говорить, ну и получить удовольствие от нового творения.

Как это работает спросишь ты? К счастью, все прошло хорошо. Если нет, тогда возвращайся назад и проверь синтаксис, т.е. убедись что нет ошибок. Орфография - это основа макросов. Проверь пару раз текст, и я уверен, что у тебя все заработает. Теперь можешь побегать перед игроками и показать, какой ты у нас скоростной. Если никто не отреагировал на тебя словами "lol" или "rofl"....то поищи чаров с чувством юмора!

Следующим шагом для тебя будет практика с макросами. Ты ничего не сломаешь, если неправильно что-то напишешь, просто удали и начни сначала. Ну а я перейду к следующему шагу....ладно, пошел я писать вторую часть.

Еще один пошаговый пример создания макроса
• Наберите /macro или нажмите на кнопку разговора и выберите пункт Макрос. Появится окно, содержащее список макросов. В начале, макросов у Вас не будет.
• Нажмите кнопку "new" внизу этого окна. Появится другое окно, в котором Вы можете ввести название для нового Макроса и выбрать иконку.
• Введите название Макроса. Выберите его таким образом, чтобы было понятно, что он делает. Например, введите название "assist" (помочь).
• Выберите иконку. Например, меч.
• Нажмите "Okay" – теперь перед Вами появится окно Макросов с выбранной иконкой (меч) и введенным названием ("assist").
• Нажмите левой кнопкой мыши (ЛКМ) на иконке макроса, чтобы выделить ее. Появится кнопка, с помощью которой можно сменить название макроса или его иконку.
• В то время как иконка вашего макроса подсвечена, переместите курсор в область ввода "enter macro commands" (введите команды макроса). Именно там Вы можете вводить то, что Макрос должен делать, когда Вы нажимаете на его иконку. Вам необходимо добавлять "/" перед командой, если она этого требует. В общем, команды необходимо вводить так же, как и при обычном их использовании.
• Введите "/assist Nebu"
• Теперь, поместите курсор над иконкой меча (assist), потом нажмите на ней ЛКМ и зажмите ее (ЛКМ).
• Переместите иконку на свободное место в панели быстрого доступа (action bar).
• Чтобы использовать Ваш новый макрос, нажмите соответствующую цифровую кнопку или нажмите правой кнопкой мыши (ПКМ) на иконке макроса в панели быстрого доступа.
• Теперь, у Вас есть Макрос, с помощью которого Вы можете помогать другому игроку (Nebu) в нападении на монстров. Когда Nebu вступает с кем-нибудь в бой, нажмите кнопку данного Макроса и вашей новой целью станет субъект, с которым дерется Nebu.

Завершение Редактирования Макросов
После того, как вы закончите редактировать или создавать Макросы, нажмите крестик, расположенный в правом верхнем углу окна Макросов, чтобы закрыть его.

Редактирование Существующих Макросов
Введите /macro а затем нажмите на иконке макроса, который Вы хотите редактировать. Теперь Вы можете редактировать выбранный Макрос в области ввода "Enter Macro Commands". Когда Вы закончите, нажмите крестик, расположенный в правом верхнем углу окна Макросов, чтобы закрыть его.

Советы по Использованию Макросов
Используйте любые существующие команды
Вот некоторые другие советы по использованию макросов:
-повторение текста, который вы не хотите вводить снова
-повторение сообщений для аукционов
-создание забавных сообщений
-выполнение последовательности команд, например:
/leave 1 /leave 2 (покинуть каналы 1 и 2)
/join wowtraders (присоединится к каналу wowtraders)
/g Hello everyone! (поприветствовать всех на канале Вашей гильдии)

Дополнительная информация
• Вы можете использовать "%t" в Ваших Макросах, что бы автоматически вставить выбранного монстра, существа, игрока в Ваш Макрос. Например, Макрос "/say hi %t" выведет "Hi Nebu", если Вы в данный момент выбрали игрока Nebu.
/cast позволяет исполнять заклинания по имени. Наберите "/cast (название заклинания)" - Пример "/cast Fireball (Rank 1)". Чтобы использовать эту команду в макросах, Вы можете набрать ее "ручками", или нажать на заклинании с зажатым шифтом (Shift) в книге заклинаний, чтобы автоматически добавить соответствующую команду в макрос.
Вы можете напечатать "" , будет прокручиваться список команд, начинающихся на "а".

Примеры макросов
Макрос на лечение пета
/script M=0;T='player';function F(a)h=UnitHealth(a);d=UnitHealthMax(a)-h;if d>M and h>0 then M=d;T=a;end end F(T);for i=1,4 do p='party'..i;if p then F(p);TargetUnitsPet(p);p='target';if p then F(p);end end end TargetUnit(T);CastSpell(66,'spell')

Смена 2 рукого оружия на 1рукое и щит
/script PickupInventoryItem(17);if(CursorHasItem()) then PickupContainerItem(4,2);PickupContainerItem(4,1);PickupInventoryItem(16);else PickupContainerItem(4,1);PickupInventoryItem(16);PickupContainerItem(4,2);PickupInventoryItem(17);end

Автоматическое применение на себе какого либо предмета из рюкзака (например повязки)
/target YourNameHere
/script UseContainerItem(Bag#, Item#);
/script TargetLastEnemy();
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Основные функции

Хотя это всё функции, некоторые из них являться только информационными, а некоторые, влияют непосредственно на игру, поэтому я разделил всё на методы и свойства, для удобства
Пример: AttackTarget();
Описание: Атакует выделенного персонажа.

Пример: CastSpellByName("Demon Skin");
Описание: Кастует указанное заклинание

Пример: TargetUnit("player");
Описание: Выделяет персонажа указанного в параметре "player", "party1".."party5", "npc", "target".

Пример: TargetUnitsPet("player");
Описание: Выделяет пэта указанного персонажа.

Пример: TargetLastEnemy();
Описание: Выделяет последнего атакованного персонажа.

Пример: AssistUnit("target");
Описание: Помогает атаковать персонажу, указанному в параметре.

Пример: AssistByName("Marco");
Описание: Помогает атаковать персонажу с именем указанным в параметре.

Пример: FollowUnit("target");
Описание: Следует за персонажем указанным в параметре.

Пример: FollowByName("Beeblebrox");
Описание: Следует за персонажем с именем указанным в параметре.

Пример: ToggleBag(0);
Описание: Открывает/закрывает сумку сумки расположены: 4-3-2-1-0. 0 это бэкпак.

--[группа и взаимодействия]--
Пример: InviteByName(GetSlashCmdTarget(msg));
Описание: Приглашает в группу персонажа с именем указанным в параметре.

Пример: UninviteByName(GetSlashCmdTarget(msg));
Описание: Удаляет из группы персонажа с именем указанным в параметре.

Пример: InitiateTrade("target");
Описание: Приглашает к торговле персонажа указанного в параметре.

Пример: InspectUnit("target");
Описание: Показывает информацию о персонаже.

Описание: Согласиться на торговлю.

Описание: Отказаться от торговли.

Описание: Согласиться на приглашение в группу.

Описание: Отказаться от группы

Описание: Делает лидером указанного игрока.

Описание: Покинуть группу.

Описание: Добавить друга.

Описание: Удалить друга

Описание: Добавляет/удаляет игрока из игнор-листа.

Описание: Вызывает на дуэль игрока.

Описание: Отменяет дуэль.

SetLootMethod(methodstring, player)
Описание: Устанавливает способ лута: "freeforall","roundrobin","master".

LootSlot(slotidnumber, 0)
Пример: LootSlot(((LOOTFRAME_NUMBUTTONS - 1) * (LootFrame.page - 1)) + this:GetID(), 0);
Описание: Лутит указанный предмет

Описание: Игрок начинает бежать вперёд.

Описание: Игрок прекращает бежать вперёд.

Описание: Игрок начинает бежать назад.

Описание: Игрок прекращает бежать назад.

Описание: Игрок начинает бежать влево.

Описание: Игрок прекращает бежать влево.

Описание: Игрок начинает бежать вправо.

Описание: Игрок прекращает бежать вправо.

Описание: Игрок начинает стрэйфить влево.

Описание: Игрок прекращает стрэйфить влево.

Описание: Игрок начинает стрэйфить вправо.

Описание: Игрок прекращает стрэйфить вправо.

Описание: Заставляет игрока прыгать.

Описание: Заставляет присесть/встать

Описание: Принимает приглашение в гильдию.

Описание: Отказывается от приглашение в гильдию.

Описание: Приглашение в гильдию для игрока, имя которого указанно в параметре.

Описание: Выгоняет из гильдии игрока, имя которого указанно в параметре.

Описание: Увеличивает статус игрока, имя которого указанно в параметре.

Описание: Уменьшает статус игрока, имя которого указанно в параметре.

Описание: Делает лидером игрока, имя которого указанно в параметре.

Описание: Устанавливает приветственное сообщение.

Описание: Покинуть гильдию.

Описание: Заставляет вашего пэта атаковать.

Описание: Бросить вашего пэта.

Описание: Переименовать вашего пэта.

Описание: Переключает вашего пэта в пассивный режим.

Описание: Переключает вашего пэта в защитный режим.

Описание: Переключает вашего пэта в агрессивный режим.

Описание: Останавливает вашего пэта в пассивный режим.

Описание: Заставляет вашего пэта следовать за вами.

SendChatMessage(msg, mode, language, channel);
Пример: SendChatMessage(msg, "WHISPER", this.language, lastTell);
Описание: Отправляет сообщение mode:"SAY", "YELL", "PARTY", "AFK", "DND", language: "COMMON", "DRACONIC", "ORCISH" ...

Пример: RandomRoll("1","100");
Описание: Выдаёт случайное число, удобно при розыгрыше сундуков.

Описание: Проигрывает звуковой файл.

Описание: Делает скриншот.

Описание: Усиленный дисконнект.

Описание: Дисконнект.

Описание: Выход из игры

Пример: target = UnitName("target");
Описание: Возвращает имя игрока

Пример: name, level, class, area, connected = GetFriendInfo(friendIndex);
Описание: Возвращает информацию о друге.

Пример: local currXP = UnitXP("player");
Описание: Возвращает опыт игрока

Пример: local nextXP = UnitXPMax("player");
Описание: Показывает максимальный опыт игрока.

Пример: if ( UnitMoney("player") >= moneyCost ) then
Описание: Показывает количество денег игрока.

Пример: if ( UnitExists(unit) and UnitIsPlayer(unit) ) then
Описание: Возвращает true если персонаж существует.

Пример: if ( UnitExists(unit) and UnitIsPlayer(unit) ) then
Описание: Возвращает true если персонаж является игроком.

Описание: Возвращает true если пэт может быть брошен.

UnitIsUnit(unitnamea, unitnameB)
Пример: UnitIsUnit("target", "pet")
Описание: Возвращает true если unitnamea является unitnameB

UnitReaction("target", "player")
Пример: UnitReaction("target", "player")
Описание: Возвращает тип поведения: neutral hostile, friendly.

Описание: Показывает инфо о гильдии

GetPartyMember(index[or id])
Пример: GetPartyMember(3)
Описание: Возвращает имя члена партии.

Пример: UnitIsPartyLeader("target")
Описание: Возвращает true если персонаж лидер группы.

Пример: lootMethod, lootMaster = GetLootMethod();
Описание: Возвращает тип и мастера(если есть) лута

Пример: UnitInParty("target")
Описание: Возвращает true если персонаж входит в группу.

Пример: playerX, playerY = GetPlayerMapPosition("player");
Описание: Возвращает ваши координаты.

Пример: corpseX, corpseY = GetCorpseMapPosition();
Описание: Возвращает координаты вашего тела.

Leaves the channel with the specified name.

Lists all of the channels that match the specified regular expression.

Lists all of the channel.

SetChannelPassword(username, password)
Changes the password of the current channel if that is a legal action.

Sets the specified player as the channel moderator.

ChannelUnmoderator(channel, player)
ChannelUnmoderator("uimods", "xiphoric");
Takes the specified user away from the moderator status.

ChannelMute(channel, player)
Turns off the specified player's ability to speak in a channel.

ChannelUnmute("uimods", "marco");
Unmutes the specified user from the channel.

Invites the specified user to the chatroom.

ChannelKick("bigllamas", "Strong_Bad_Is_Geh");
Kicks the specified user from the channel.

ChannelBan("uimods", "alexyoshi")
Bans a player from the specified channel.

ChannelUnban(channel, player)
ChannelUnban("uimods", "kat");
Unbans a player from a channel.

Sets the channel to display announcements.
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